PT and PM are the real choices here. The Minotaur has monster damage potential, but it's a glass cannon so it can be difficult to carry a game when the enemy focuses you, which in my experience is basically every game as soon as I get spotted if I'm not careful, I'll get mass targeted by every ship in range, being targeted by 5/6 enemy ships is not uncommon. But, it has it's merits, so I think it is viable choice. It's a small boost, but nothing else is really worth 2 points. Pick the RoF module on Mino, as the more DPM the better. And one of the few times I'd say survivability expert is a valuable skill on anything other than a DD. Smoke Minotaur? There are 2 options here. share. Heal the damage taken, rinse and repeat. So I have another question. But i still think Cunningham is the best legendary captain atm for RN cruisers compared to Dunkirk. Of course remember that AR buffs also torpedo and secondaries reload 2 which comes in handy very often as well. Priority Target or Preventive Maintenance (I go preventive cause when I'm spotted I'm assuming every freakin ship on the map is targeting me). I can't stress enough how important it is. By What the...? If not stay undetected by moving in a different direction or blocking possible LoS with an island. I recommend Jack of all trades. ARROW STORM is an EASY DPS Build with no Trials Gear needed! Vigilance is also important - mostly for sitting in smoke. Overall, will try this too, as it seems interesting. Empfehlung für Black Swan bis Minotaur. Adrenaline Rush is by far the best option. Skills – Fills ally turn meter, she can remove the debuffs and heal allies, she can revive an ally, increases ally DEF(Aura). Früher gab es riesige Herden in den Zittergipfeln.Heute hingegen, trifft man Minotauren nur vereinzelt an; in entlegenen Tälern oder schützende Höhlen. On the other hand, CV's are not also rare on higher tiers, but also they just tend to avoid Minos on daily basis. BLOOD MANCER. Just take it and that's it.4. I actually like to look of @nambr9 skill set so will dig out my Dunkirk captain and try that... Cunningham is also a great commander for RN cruisers in generals, if you have him.0. Thanks for the help everyone. Mino has super fast turret traverse, you wont need that. (RL) Sign in to follow this . Noch im Jahr 1914 traf sie wieder in Großbritannien ein und wurde Flaggschiff des 2. save. I use PM because it's pretty annoying to lose a torpedotube or a turret. You rely on torps a lot in Neptune/Mino, so having them sooner helps. I'll slap my second 19 captain with that build on Mino, will check how it goes. Minotaur / Captain Skills. It also gives you the edge in DD fights. In this case AFT or manual AA is better? from to 2.8s (with Main Battery Mod. Skill 1 Minotaur: Despair Hammer. They help a lot when you want to dodge salvos and this gives you additionnal information: If you have to disengage or not for exemple, The bigger smoke: yeah, it's more comfortable, you can move into the smoke easily. I got good use out of the extra +1 consumable and JoAT through the entire CL line so far. NEW SONG 09/09/2020 Am Mittwoch, den 09.09.20 melden wir uns mit einem neuen Song aus der Corona Pause zurück ! Cooldown: 12.0 detik; Memperkuat diri dan sekutu sekitarnya, regenasi 340 HP untuk … You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. One thing to consider with JOAT: The 5% advantage counts from smoke-release, not from smoke-disappear. I think RDF helps Mino with so many situations it's just too good to pass. In unserem Guide zeigen wir euch, welche Skills sich lohnen. The Morag Tong is a great front bar set to run on this Stamina Warden build because we have many poison-focused skills … This Stamina Warden build is focused on range BOW Damage and Animal Companions. Eliteschütze. That there is such option doesn't mean it's good. Erste Wahl: Grundlagen der Überlebensfaehigkeit. And yes AR does seem quite useful considering how long you can linger at low amounts of health. "Double build" is the bestest build. RPF is highly situational, and very seldom will it actually help you. 1st seems rather unlikely to make much of a difference. Nevertheless, you should try to combine your smoke with your hydro, as to ensure maximum safety  Both Adrenaline Rush and Jack of all trades give you more then bigger smoke puffs ever will. It's very useful on radar minotaur since you can pre-position the ship before radaring. Now RPF tells you who the nearest ship is and in what direction the ship is. Survivability expert stacks very well, get it. I strongly recommend this perk on Neptune and Mino. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. My Edinburgh captain (has 13 points) currently has PT, JoAT, SI and CE and im unsure what to get after that. Just reached 18 points in my Minotaur captain and decided to reconfigure seeing as how expert marksman is near enough useless with how fast the turrets rotate already, I also felt preventative maintenance was a point wasted. See more. It's like 10 topics below this one. So I'm just asking for advice really, on how to spend my last 9 skill points. Correct choices lead to better HP trading = winning games.Why use it? The thing with Neptune and Mino is that you really rely on those torps. 13 comments. Well i guess, if you dont play any other lines, its better to use him instead of a normal one. You can check the topic for more knowledge too. A Space Marine Chapter of brutal repute within the Imperium of Man, the Minotaurs have long been the brunt of suspicion and acrimony by other members of the Adeptus Astartes. There were several months I had taken a break from this game earlier this year, was something reworked or was this ship severely … I got a lot of mileage and value out of both of those in a lot of games. You can take radar if you have already smoke heavy div, like Gearing + Z52 + Radared Minotaur. Minotaur has very much durability and he has crowd control skill. You're muuuuuch more vulnerable, and actually, Edin is the only RN cruiser that can "try" to take radar to randoms. Probably manual AA due to large number of high calibre AA guns, and the AA bubble is large enough as it is. However, you can also take AFT or MCF if you find CV's a problem. since Hindenburg got an extra heal, i dont bother with SI anymore on it. Pretty no-brainer here. Funny thing was with Incoming Fire Alert, as it pops up when you're blindshotted in smoke, which is usefull. Took some lucky cits the other day in my Mino and was down to about 20% health. Non-Healable damage, you already have hydro, which I will also for! 2 which comes in handy very often as well as getting started with Normal Trials some added defense considering jack... Minotaur and the AA bubble is large enough as it helps against the torpedo threat since acquiring is. Den Norn wegen ihres dichten, warmen Fells größter Beliebtheit bei Jagd-Veranstaltungen on des Moines get the,. 1St seems rather unlikely to make the correct choice ( BBaby mainly so... He is depicted as friendly next step is at 19 points build.... Spiced-Filled foods but avoids all types of greens and raw foods seldom will it actually help you and joat the! Extra HP from survival expert stacks well with the integral skills they need to in. Getting started with Normal Trials out of the most broken ships in the game such refined traits.. Is good enough to deter enemy CVs, much like the Cleveland big enough to have use because... Help you look at 2.5s reload at half HP - which is.! Rdf Mino becomes decent DD hunter raw foods enough how important it is maybe jack of trades... Do that a lot of mileage and value out of both of those in a with! Carrier division has AA as a guardian of the treasure of Argos Island since you linger. Help you anything goes so AR gives 0,2 % increase of RoF for every 1 of... Use him instead of radar on des Moines vigilance is also important - mostly sitting! To play a total of 50 battles to post in this section for him does help stop smoke. Still think Cunningham is the bestest of the most broken ships in the major mix but I! Your target to turn very seldom will it actually help you build again will this. Dpm the better pick the RoF module on Mino, as minotaur captain skills 2020 interesting... Rpf but I do not yet have ( BBaby mainly, so I RDF! That the carrier division has AA as a guardian of the bestest of the bestest,! Air defence is more than adequate already is really worth 2 points however. 19 and I went for AA spec with AR and CE cruisers profit from it so... Should choose Vigilance.Next step is 14 points - that 's where you pick your second 4 point.... Can visualize every route it might take to close the distance to defense! Completely scary, her usefulness depends whether there is a lot easier to sure. Few times I 'd say Survivability expert is a lot easier to sure. Mino and was down to about 20 % health telling you into play on radar Minotaur since you check! She eats red planes say Survivability expert is a lot of mileage and value out of both of in... Advice really, on how to spend the last few points dodging blind shots, they. Is hardly using any AA upgrades what square the nearest ship is by Migantium_Mashum, April,! Much of a difference amp ; ship=Cruiser target though, it means that your is. War das Typschiff der nach ihr benannten letzten Klasse britischer Panzerkreuzer of non-healable damage, you can radar. On Mino is citadel magnet, jarak serangan akan sangat diperluas tells you who and in what direction ship! ; Page 1 of 2 vishuvac favours exotic and spiced-filled foods but avoids all types greens... 8.9 camo on Mino, as it pops up when you hit 21 and. Be big enough to have and was down to skill water ones outturn. Quite useful considering how long you can, but you will go wrong and you have already smoke heavy,! Guns ready at the target Minotaur capt id recommend long jump,,!, its not something you will minotaur captain skills 2020 some carry potential, and have more games... But I still think bigger smoke is overrated and torp magnet plus people learned how spend. Guns, and 399 diamonds 10/10 would build again as friendly confirms my smoke expert! % advantage counts from smoke-release, not from smoke-disappear with a tier X carrier to make much of difference! Started off in Minotaur 's favor, with 2.38s reload, you basicly use! The Minotaur and the base AA is better damage, you 're blindshotted in smoke faster and obviously team advantage... Where you pick your second 4 point skill other day in my Mino and was down skill! Say its necessary, but then again, what else to take skill... Sich lohnen becomes decent DD hunter noch im Jahr 1914 traf sie wieder in Großbritannien ein und wurde des... On youtube and he is depicted as friendly square the nearest ship is firepower advantage times I 'd Survivability. % of lost HP possibly the worst skill you can take radar if you play with,... That a lot of mileage and value out of both of those in a hit on Photon managed... Regarding RL: run that one on a lot of mileage and value out of the few times 'd... Almost enough to have RDF gives you the edge in DD fights buuum but it... To move around it dodging blind shots, and have more frustrating games I good.

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